Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So I'm currently working on a project called The Panty Sets: Because We All Wear Different Panties in Life. It's going to be a series of short stories about women and their lifestyles, and the panties that they wear while they're living it. Yea, I'm a freak! LOL

The first story is about a character named Lauryn and she is a struggling actress. She finds herself in a bad situation and does what she has to do to make it. So far its shaping up to be a pretty good story(in my own opinion). I let a friend/writer read an excerpt and she said that it sounded good. I'm thinking about letting a couple of other friends read it. Not sure though. I think I might wait until I have a bit more. A couple of more chapters maybe.

Even though I'm not done with the first story, I'm still thinking about the story line for the next installment. Maybe a housewife.....or a business woman.......DEF a housewife!! I used to be one and trust me! THEY GETS DOWN!!!! LOL J/K....(or am I)

So as I've mentioned before I'm on Twitter. I follow a lot of writers and publishers, but I also follow several other people who aren't. Currently some of the people that fall into that "aren't" category have started this TRENDING TOPIC called #TwitterAfterDark. Sometimes I participate, and sometimes I just read some of the contributions. In my opinion Twitter After Dark would be better if it was a little more poetic. Mostly, it's pretty much just, "I'll fuck you doggy-style on the hood of my car #TwitterAfterDark". Kinda sad, I know. I have to admit to tweeting some questionable Twitter After Dark stuff, but at least it was clever.


I'm going to bed now. I'll keep you informed on the panties LOL

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