Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I'm working on a new project. It's a romance novel about an event planner and a marketing executive. So far I've got the outline written and now I'm working on the character profiles(so I'll know my characters as much as possible).  I think tonight, I'm going to attempt to draft chapter 1. I started and then restarted but didn't really like where it was going. That's when I started working on the outline. It really helped me to better understand where I wanted the story to go. It was my first time and I'm most definitely going to make it a habit! I'm not really ready to go into any more detail about the plot but trust me when I say: There will be many more blog posts about it. I really think that this is the book that I am meant to finish! I've started several projects and stopped b/c I didn't like the direction that they were going in. Now I understand that they were all leading me to this project. Yes, it has a title but that is also something that I'm going to withhold until a later blog post.

In other news: My mom knows a romance author by the name of Penny Richards. She happens to know my FAVORITE author Francis Ray. Ms. Richards actually arranged for me to be able to send Ms. Ray one of my favorite books to autograph. You should have heard me on the phone when my mother told me about it! LOL I came just short of screaming OMG into the phone. The book I'm planning to send is Until There Was You. That's the first book in the Graysons of New Mexico series. It's a series about the mother of five strong-willed and attractive(naturally) people and how she plans to get them all married to the perfect person for them. It is a very special book to me. It's the first African American romance novel that I had ever read when I was in junior high school. It was the first book I'd ever read by an African American, period. It made such an impact on me! Ms. Ray is the reason that I started writing. Every time I pick up Until there Was You I look in the back, smile at her picture, and say a silent Thank You!
When I mail it to her and hear back. I will most definitely be posting an update!!
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