Friday, June 24, 2011

New Piece

Working on a new piece. It's called Lose Myself. It was inspired by a dream that I had a few weeks ago. The title actually came from the Marsha Ambrosius album. I love that song.
I'm mostly focusing on Erotica these days. That's pretty much where my mind set has been. I think this is going to be a good start. I have another idea in the works as well. It's actually building on an idea that I had a few years back. Just need to make a few changes to make it fit my writing style now. Anyway. I'll post an excerpt of Lose Myself.....

"I lay back against the pillows and stared into Channing’s eyes. That’s all we did for just a moment; stared into each other’s eyes. Then Channing moved, and I stopped thinking all together. I only felt. I felt her press against me as her lips moved to my neck and left a trail of soft kisses from my earlobe to my lips. It was like the first time all over again. Her lips tasted like peaches; ripe juicy peaches. I couldn’t get enough! I gently bit into those peach like lips and while juice didn’t flow from them, the juices did begin flowing from my pussy, soaking my panties instantly.

When I woke up, I was sore. A good kind of sore, though. I remembered every detail from the previous night. I would never forget it.

As I lay back in my sleigh style bed, Channing lay next to me gliding her fingers across my fragrant skin; the scent of my twilight and jasmine scented body wash still lingered in the air from our earlier shower together.

Channing and I had worked hard to get to this point. The obstacles that stood in our way at first seemed insurmountable. We did it, though. I realized that I had to lose myself before I could completely love Channing......"

I hope you like.......

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