Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Dream I had last night......

So I've always had really strange dreams. Last nights dream was no exception. Maybe someone could help me interpret it:

We snuck into a high school. There were four of us. We raced up the stairs. I'm not really sure what we were looking for. Before anyone could catch us, we began making our way back outside. Once we were outside, we noticed that one of us was missing. To the right of where we were standing there was a cheerleading squad practicing and laughing about something. I stormed over to them and demanded to know where the little boy was. They laughed and told me. When they were done, I told them that they would go to jail for this. I ran to the parking lot toward a row of parked cars. I found the boy tied to the rear bumper. The car behind the car he was tied to was parked backwards and it was running. The exhaust pipe was blowing in his face. I untied him and together we walked back to what had now become a rather large gathering.
This is where the dream gets even more strange!
One of the two girls that was with us had a bow staff. She did some sort of tribute to him, and then set her bow on fire. The second girl we came to had a sword and shield. She also did a tribute to the boy then set her sword and shield on fire. The entire time we were walking I was sobbing and balling my eyes out. When we came around the stage where the sword and shield were burning, we came upon another stage. There was a Native American Indian Chief doing some strange fire tricks. All of a sudden I start manipulating the wind and the flame. I use the wind to remove the headdress from the chiefs head, then I use the flame to set it ablaze. Then I use the wind to float the head dress to the boys head where it then quite literally disappeared. The boy and I walked away to sit on the steps of the high school. The Indian chief and  police chief came up to us and started questioning the boy about the whereabouts of the head dress. Neither of us said anything. The Indian chief said, "What's wrong boy? You had plenty to say last night. Now you sit there like some brooding cowboy." I thought to myself, "Shouldn't he be in jail?!" I knew he was involved with the cheerleaders. He had basically just admitted it.
It was at this point that I woke up............

Any idea what that may mean??

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