Monday, August 22, 2011


I think the only way to really get a feel for WP is by just going ahead and starting one. So I'm doing it! Right now. It's over in the next tab and I'll be giving  you guys a play by play as I'm going through the sign up process and writing my first post.........

So far, they've asked what I'd like my wordpress name to be and whether or not I'd like to pay $17 dollars a year for a .com name. I'm not interested in that. Next, they asked me to provide a password, then they asked for my email address and the usual checkbox was available about whether I wanted updates about future themes that may be available. (Not at this time......)
I'll be clicking sign up now.
Well, I've signed up, but I'll have to confirm my email address to activate my account. Doing that now.

So the account has been activated. Right away it took me to the WP Dashboard; much different from the Dashboard here. Aside from the colors being different, there is so much going on! It is simultaneously simpler and more complex all at the same time!

They have a post already written for you, as well as a comment. They encourage you to delete it and post your own first post. You can also delete the comment which simply tells you that it's a comment.....

The first post has been posted and now comes the page customization. After previewing just one blog theme, I'm really excited! The theme has been chosen. It's called Mystique.

So far, I'm really enjoying this!

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