Sunday, August 25, 2013

No title....just a little something...

I'm on WordPress mostly but I decided to come post over kiddo starts school tomorrow and I decided to express my feelings about his momentous occasion in verse. Feel free to comment....

It's hard to believe
that tomorrow's the day.
Just one more sleep
and he'll be on his way.

His bag is all packed;
his uniform pressed.
You're figuring it out now.
You've realized. You've guessed.

It's the first day of kindergarten.
A day most mother's dread.
The road leading to it
can be difficult to tread.

Don't get me wrong
it's very exciting.
Even right now
it's what I feel as I'm writing.

The thought of his little eyes
shining with joy.
The same joy you'll see
on every girl and every boy.

Still there's that feeling
that every mother will get.
You're feeling it now
as you read this, I bet.

But mothers don't fret.
Don't weep, don't ball.
Kindergarten is the beginning.
The beginning of it all.

For now it is time
for new memories to be made,
things to learn,
and a groundwork to be laid.

So cherish those memories.
However great; however small.
Cherish those memories.
Cherish them all
-Leann Stewart 08/25/2013

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