Sunday, August 25, 2013


So this blog is supposed to be about a day in the life of me: An Aspiring Writer. I'm thinking about starting a Tumblr in addition this blog about the books that I read. Sort of like a review type thing. I've read a lot of books. Not as many as others but still quite a few, and of course there are many more to come.  I'm still hashing out the details of how I want to do this. I just read an interesting bit of info (I'm researching in the process of writing this blog). Some bloggers contact other authors for guest posts. That sounds cool.....and scary!
......Maybe instead of writing reviews about the books themselves, and I can talk about the book covers. I've never seen a blog about that before (there's probably one out there, though)....
Yet another blog post that I started and didn't finish.  I still haven't seen a blog that talks about the book covers and I do have a Tumblr now that is being neglected. I'm thinking of trying to maintain this blog, the WordPress that I'm working on, as well as the neglected Tumblr. Hmmm...we shall see....Stay tuned

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