Saturday, July 16, 2011

Myspace work. WOW!!

So I just got an email notification that someone friended me on Myspace. I haven't been on there in forever. I had to reset my password just to log on. Once I did though, I realized that things had really changed! WOW! It looks like a completely different site now.
I had forgotten that I had written a couple of blog pieces on there way back in the day. Like three or four years ago. There was one that simmply blew me away. I was so much more poetic back then. I'm posting here now:

I'm in the process of writing a romance novel and the passage below is so far my favorite part of the book. I've never written a romance novel before so maybe you could read it, comment, and tell me what you think. Thanks!!

........Charles listened attentively to everything the beautiful young woman sitting across from him was saying. Her voice was like a cool breeze on a summer day. He tried not to get too distracted by the way her full lips moved seductively over her perfect white teeth as she spoke. When he first saw her standing at the counter ordering her drink, her shoulder length, ebony hair swaying poetically with her every move, he knew that he had to meet her. When she turned around to look for a seat and he got his first glimpse of her beautiful brown eyes and heart shaped, honey-colored face, he knew that he was a goner. She slowly began to make her way around the room in search of a place to sit. Her small toned body moved in a legato rhythm that his body had an immediate response to. Then, she was standing right next to him and he got a whiff of something heady and exotic. "You can sit here", he had said. When she sat, he got another whiff of that seductive scent she was wearing. As Charles sat listening to her words creating a verbal melody in his mind, he knew that some how he had to get to know her on an emotional level........

All I can say is WOOOOOW!!! I really need to get back to that point!

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