Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last nights little venture into writing with pen and paper was unsuccessful. My mind was completely blank! I'm planning to continue tonight, though. I've realized that my strengths lie in character building. That will be the goal tonight. Maybe that is where my stories will begin. With a really well thought out character.

Right now, I'm flipping through the Norton Anthology of Poetry. Maybe I'll find a little inspiration within the pages..... Having found nothing useful at this time in the Norton Anthology, I have moved on to a book titled Beginning with Poems......and NOTHING! Ugh. I'm beginning to get discouraged. Maybe I'm trying too hard. Maybe I should try reading something different. For the past few months, I've read nothing but Twilight and EJD (Eric Jerome Dickey) books. Maybe that's where my problem lies. There isn't any variety in my reading as of late. I've been considering reading Prim and Improper by Liz Ireland again. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

In other news:
Last night I watched Magic Beyond Words: A J.K Rowling documentary. It was okay and I enjoyed it. It was very inspiring. I just read a review of it on a website that mentioned that she didn't sign off on it so some of the stuff may not have been accurate. That's kind of a letdown but they did mention some things that we already knew about her. For example: She was a welfare mom, and she wrote histories and stories about the characters and Hogwarts before she had finished the book. That's a great idea! (At least I think so). I also find it fascinating that she wrote the last chapter of the last book before finishing the first book.
Random: It amazes me how making chicken nuggets for my son can inspire new ideas...
Anyway, I'm going to write. Laters

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