Friday, July 22, 2011

More of my randomness

So I'm here to post another blog post that probably no one will ever read or comment on. As you can see, I'm feeling sorry for myself. I know. PATHETIC! Oh well.....

I'm probably the most scatter-brained writer on the planet. One day I'll be writing erotica, then the next day, I'll be writing romance, then young adult action or something. Now I'm writing a scifi novel. My mom likes it so far. SMH Anyway.....
I won't say anything more about it until I have more of an outline or something done.

In other news: I've started reading my three year old Ray Bradbury stories. Tonight, we finished The Veldt. He enjoyed "the lion book".  Tomorrow night we'll be reading The Illustrated Man. I've had mixed reviews about whether or not this is appropriate reading for his age group. I think it's okay. One of my Twitter followers is really excited that I'm reading that to him. I don't think it can really hurt him. She actually recommended that I read The Halloween Tree during the Fall. Amazon has it for a good price right now so I might go ahead and order it. They also have the movie for around forty bucks. He may like that as well.
I'm done............
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